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Pranav Raj S

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Hello everyone,

We have released a new version of Chatwoot with the following updates.

🔋 Automation (Beta)

The latest release would let you automate repetitive tasks easily, allowing you to be productive. Automation would run on an event like a conversation is created, or a new message is created in the conversation. You can select one or more actions on automation to be executed based on certain conditions.

🌟 Create conversation filters

The new version of Chatwoot allows you to filter conversations based on conversation attributes like status, assignee, team, etc. In addition, the filters accept Custom Attributes defined for a conversation, helping you build workflows for your team. Read more about the custom attributes here and conversation filters here.

📝 Email Signature

We have launched a signature option for the email channel. You can update your signature on your profile and select the signature while sending an email reply.

📢 Support for interactive messages

The latest version supports sending interactive messages in the 360Dialog WhatsApp channel.  

📊 Report improvements

You can now group reports by week and by month in addition to the day filter.

📥 New SMS Channel: Bandwidth

We have added support for Bandwidth SMS messaging. You can connect your Bandwidth account and send/receive messages from Chatwoot.

📦 Improvements in uploads

You can now configure Direct Uploads in Chatwoot using DIRECT_UPLOADS_ENABLED feature flags. This update also allows the enhancement to send multiple attachments from the agent dashboard.

Other updates:

  • Ability to toggle conversation continuity via email for website channel.
  • Resolve action for Dialogflow integration
  • SSL Verify mode and email encryption settings for SMTP mailboxes
  • Vue-router for widget route management
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Thanks to @ximenasandoval, @shivamsinghchahar, @iprithvitharun, @freddy36, @sagararyal, @hostup, @robguthrie, for the contributions