Chatwoot Connect

We are coming back for the second edition of Chatwoot Connect. Henry Lynch, VP of Product from Vsimple is joining us to share how they have created their customer success workflow, and how Chatwoot helps with it. Plus: We’ll share major product updates, and do a QnA (obviously!).

31 August 2022, 11 - 12 EST
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Chatwoot Connect


  • 11 AM EST

    Product updates from the Chatwoot team.
  • 11:15 AM EST

    Henry Lynch, the co-founder and VP of Product of Vsimple, talks about his CRM workflows and how he leverages Chatwoot.
  • 11:45 AM EST

    An AMA with Chatwoot team.

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Whats Chatwoot Connect?

We’re excited to inaugurate Chatwoot Connect – a monthly virtual meetup hosted by the Chatwoot team.

In the upcoming editions, we’ll be showcasing the open-source projects powered by Chatwoot, community-favourite features, doing live-coding sessions, and inviting the best brains to talk about tech, open-source and CX. But most importantly – we’ll be interacting with you all.

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