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Put your customers first with Chatwoot's support suite and CSAT integration. Communicate, collect feedback, and improve your service for achieving transformative customer satisfaction.

When dealing with customer service, it is important to assess how well your services are able to help your customers. Or, in other words, how much are your customers satisfied with your service? This can help you identify how well your service is perceived by your customers, what your strong areas are, and what you should improve.

One of the most effective ways to help answer these questions is to measure your Customer Satisfaction score. This is also known as the CSAT score. This enables your customers to rate their satisfaction level with your customer service on a numerical scale. Once you collect a significant number of scores, you can calculate your average score over specific periods of time.

As a Chatwoot member, this entire workflow shall be extremely easy for you. You can simply enable CSAT surveys for your inboxes. This automatically asks your customers to rate their conversation with you, on an emoji scale. You can later view your comprehensive CSAT report on your dashboard, which keeps updating in real-time. Scroll down to learn more about this

Let your customers express with emoji

Let your customers express with emoji

Chatwoot’s CSAT software integrates with every chosen inbox. When a customer is done chatting with you, they’ll be automatically asked to provide feedback on a simple emoji scale.

So, you’ll always know what makes your customers frown or smile – literally.

View and download your CSAT reports

View and download your CSAT reports

Learn how your customers feel about your service and brand, and enhance your customer experience strategy.

Learn about your CSAT ratings, individual feedback, response rates, agent performance, etc., filtered by specific periods.

Turn conversations into customers.

Chatwoot lets you manage your conversations across multiple channels from a single dashboard. And yes, we have a 15-day free trial and we don’t ask for your credit card.

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