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Delightful customer relationships, at scale

Chatwoot gives you all the tools to manage conversations, build relationships and delight your customers from one place.

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Used by 1000+ organizations worldwide

Chatwoot Dashboard

Communicate with your customers, easier than ever

With the omnichannel platform, Chatwoot makes it easy to communicate with your customers irrespective of where they are.


Omnichannel support center

Chatwoot connects with popular customer communication channels like Email, Website live-chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, etc., and helps you deliver a consistent customer experience across channels.

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A live-chat that fits your brand

Connect with your website visitors, communicate with them in realtime and give them quality support with a live-chat widget that fits your brand.

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Respond faster, with automated chatbots

Integrate with chatbots using Rasa or Dialogflow to automate conversations. Qualify using chatbots and seamlessly handoff to human agents.

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Designed for a better agent experience

Chatwoot ships with many productivity features and enables your employees to be more productive and collaborate within the team without switching the apps.

Command palette for quick actions

Command palette improves the agent's productivity by providing the most common actions like resolving a conversation or snoozing it until the next reply in a single place. Hit ⌘ + K to access it.

Reply to frequently asked questions, using canned responses

Save FAQs as canned responses to be used in your conversations. Then, access them by using `/` command in the editor.


Team collaboration using Shared inbox

Communicating internally about a conversation you had with a customer is complicated. Chatwoot makes it easy through private notes and user mentions. Add a private note on a conversation and mention a colleague to share the conversation with them.

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Proactively reachout to your customers

With Chatwoot CRM, you can see all your customer information in one place. Design a customized experience for your customers, and improve retention.

Automate your campaigns

Create live-chat campaigns to engage your customers. Send targeted messages to your customers based on their visits and how they spent time on your application.

Announce your updates easily

Use one-off campaigns to announce features or updates to your customer base. Create a segment of customers and send updates to them on a single click.

All your customer information in one place

Integrate Chatwoot SDKs with your web/mobile apps to get real-time customer data. Use custom attributes to store data about your customers. Identify high value customer segments and proactively reach out to them.

Host Chatwoot on your premises, own your data

Chatwoot, by default, supports self-hosted installations so that you can own your customer data and be compliant with the regulations. In addition, our customizable interfaces and powerful APIs empower you to solve custom support use cases and provide an excellent experience to your customers, employees, and partners.


Open-source, self-hosted, and privacy compliant

Take ownership of your data by self-hosting Chatwoot on your servers or any cloud service provider. Be compliant with the regulations like GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA without sending data to third-party services.

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Solve custom support use cases using our APIs

Chatwoot provides a rich set of developer APIs to build custom integrations and solve use cases that the other SaaS providers do not support. The platform features do not limit you, easily extend it to solve your use case.

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All your customer data, now in your pocket.

Chatwoot for mobile enables you to browse conversations, reply to messages and collaborate with the team. Now available on Android and iOS.