Track how each of your teams is performing, with auto-updating reports

Get insight into your teams – see which ones get the most conversations, what the resolution times look like, and more.

If you have divided your agents into teams, it is for a good reason. Each of your teams deals with different types of queries. Your Engineering team would be answering the bug reports and feature requests, your Sales team could be taking care of the pricing questions, and your finance team must be looking into the billing-related issues.

It is always a good idea to assess which types of queries you receive the most, how fast a certain team responds, and how fast they resolve the queries they get.

With our Team reports, you can simply take a look at metrics like volume of messages being handled by a specific team, resolution time, etc through your Dashboard.

Easy-to-understand data presentation

Easy-to-understand data presentation

Chatwoot calculates and updates your metrics in the background. You can see how busy a particular team has been, or what the resolution times look like, over a period of time, with a bar graph.

Filters to see only what you want to see

Filters to see only what you want to see

Set custom date ranges, group your graph by day/week/month, and enable your Business Hours to view and download custom Team reports.

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