Delightful customer relationships, at scale

Chatwoot gives you all the tools to manage conversations, build relationships and delight your customers from one place.

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Used by 15000+ organizations worldwide


Omnichannel support center

Chatwoot connects with popular customer communication channels like Email, Website live-chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, etc. This helps you deliver a consistent customer experience across channels – from a single dashboard.

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Chatwoot Omnichannel

Customer engagement made easy

Chatwoot enables your team to be more productive, faster, and collaborate without switching apps.

Canned Responses

Reply to frequently asked questions, using canned responses.

I need help on how to use canned responses!

  • Use / to search canned responses below.

Swiftly run actions with your keyboard

Perform your regular actions like resolving a conversation or snoozing it until the next reply.

Team Collaboration

Communicate with your teammates without leaving Chatwoot. Simply, use private notes to mention your colleagues and chat with them about your customer conversations.

Private Note

@Ivan Pedro Can you please take a look at this one?

your repeated tasks

Setup Automation Rules to handle all the grunt work. So, your customers get all your attention.

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Chatbot to the rescue!


Dashboard Apps

Embed your own custom apps, and view all your customer data on a single dashboard.

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A live chat that fits your brand

Engage with your website visitors in real time. Add a live chat widget to your website that complements your brand.

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Hello there 👋

We are here to help you with your questions. Ask us anything, or share your feedback.

We're online

Typically replies in a few minutes

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And, we are open-source.

Host Chatwoot on your server. Be the owner of your customer data and never miss any regulatory compliance.

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Be in charge of everything that comes before and after customer conversations

Stay informed with auto-generated reports

See what is currently going on with your conversations and agents, or assess which labels or inboxes are the most active, and analyze various important key performance indicators – from your Chatwoot dashboard.

  • Conversations Report
  • Agents Report
  • Labels Report
  • Inbox Report
  • Teams Report

We put your needs first. That is what keeps us going.

Loved by small and big teams, alike

“Chatwoot offers us the ability to customize the omnichannel experience the way we want it, as opposed to other players. Plus: the Chatwoot team is always available to help. All I need to do is drop a message; they readily respond to any queries we ask.”

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Dennis Henry
Dennis Henry
Tech Lead
Dennis Henry

“Chatwoot serves as a critical tool that helps us have real-time conversations with our donors and address questions in that not only drive conversation but donor satisfaction.”

Adam Compton
Executive Director of Annual Giving, NC State University

“Chatwoot is so much better than Zendesk.”

Alexa Kayman
Founding Growth


“Chatwoot is my current favorite open source project.”

Miahael Asiedu

“What Discourse is to forums, Chatwoot is to chats. We’ve grown about 10X during our time with Chatwoot. Especially the chat widget makes it very easy to get feedback. I've used Intercom before this. We chose Chatwoot because of its feature set. Intercom is super expensive, and more of a marketing tool. We wanted a useful chat tool and found Chatwoot to be extremely helpful.”

Tyler Warnock
Cofounder & CEO


“Chatwoot is great! Using them for our startup VideoTouch and I'm very satisfied! Great open source alternative of Intercom, Crisp, and other expensive chats for websites. 😎”

Andrey Novikov


“Just switched to Chatwoot from Intercom. Feels amazing. Save money + reply in Slack + just as sleek. Previously also used Tawkto (shabby) and HelloTalkApp (pricy).”


“Installed @chatwootapp for customer support on @slashbaseide It's plain, simple and easy to use. Also, trying our @posthog for install analytics. Both are open source products. One open-source project for another. 💪#buildinpublic”

Paras Waykole

“I'm totally in love with Chatwoot. Customer service is uniformly awful without the right tools helping experts exceed expectations. This open source system doesn't just rival the likes of Zendesk. It trumps them - easily.”

Dave Thackeray

“Chatwoot has worked very well for our use case. The new features are just added advantages; it was working for us perfectly from the first version itself. It always solves the problem for us perfectly. No complaints.”

Jaime Rivas

Synergy Inc.

“I love Chatwoot for creating an open-source customer engagement tool 🤯. Open source is really helping businesses thrive for free. Respect.”

Lewis Manelaws

“Open-source omnichannel customer support rails app that kicks ass. Setting it up was pretty easy; there's a docker-compose.yaml.”

Martijn Smit
Founder and creator


“We embedded Chatwoot live chat on our website and web app. Whenever people are stuck using our software, they can quickly reach out and we can quickly help them. Moreover, we can see where these customers are currently – the website or the web app. Also, being able to upload images and exchange information is very useful. Having persistent chat history is also very helpful, as I can pick up any conversation again.”

Michael Elias


Host Chatwoot on your premises, own your data

Chatwoot, by default, supports self-hosted installations so that you can own your customer data and be compliant with the regulations. In addition, our customizable interfaces and powerful APIs empower you to solve custom support use cases and provide an excellent experience to your customers, employees, and partners.


Open-source, self-hosted, and privacy compliant

Take ownership of your data by self-hosting Chatwoot on your servers or any cloud service provider. Be compliant with the regulations like GDPR, CPRA, and HIPAA without sending data to third-party services.

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Solve custom support use cases using our APIs

Easily extend Chatwoot with custom integrations. Choose from a rich set of developer APIs and never be limited by platform features.

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Customer interaction, on the go

Chatwoot for mobile enables you to browse conversations, reply to messages and collaborate with your team. Now available on Android and iOS.

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Chatwoot Mobile Apps