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Chatwoot Connect 1.0

Pranav Raj S
Pranav Raj S
Published on Aug 26, 2022
Chatwoot Connect 1.0

We are excited to inaugurate Chatwoot Connect – a regular virtual meetup hosted by the Chatwoot team. In the first edition, our team is coming together to share their journey of turning an open-source project into a YC startup, what the product’s future looks like, and make some surprise announcements.

For our most favorite part: We are interacting with you all! We'll be back for the second edition in August '22. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates. (  

0:00 Intro from co-founder
6:53 WhatsApp Cloud API support
12:10 Bulk update conversations
16:21 cwctl, our new CLI tool
12:28 Macros, run saved actions in a single click
26:22 Help Center, the upcoming major release
34:48 For the community
36:38 QnA