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Sojan V Jose

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We have released a new version v1.16.1 with the following updates.

Campaigns in live-chat widget

We now support campaigns in the live-chat widget. You can create outbound messages based on the URL and the time user has spent on the page.

live-chat campaigns.jpg


  • The current conversation layout supports only one conversation thread, so the campaign would be executed only once. We will support multiple conversations on the widget in the upcoming releases which would solve this issue.
  • Support for the contact attributes like country/city/company would be available in future releases.
  • Email request bot will not function for now with campaigns, we will fix this in the future.

Improved UX for adding labels to the conversation

You can now search for a label and add/remove it right from the right sidebar.


Sort contacts

Sort contacts using the name, email, phone_number and last activity time.


Other changes

  • Added APIs for Integration Hooks.
  • Upgraded chart.js, added more date range options to the reports.
  • Added a fix to handle email with no subject line or body.
  • Added font-display: swap to fix reported issue with Lighthouse audits.
  • Added a fix to clear search input while navigating to another tab/page.
  • Show agent availability status in conversation assignee list.
  • [developer experience] Added Storybook to document the component list in Chatwoot.
  • Added APIs & components for CRM feature.

Thanks to Suraj Rajput(@surajput32), Pranjal Kushwaha(@pranjal0819), Niklas Haug(@niklashaug)