Changelog: Week of March 18

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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From now on, we'll publish a weekly change log to keep you informed of our progress. Each week, we'll list the updates implemented during the previous week. This will allow you to keep track of the improvements we've made and the decisions we've taken. We're starting now with the changes from the previous week.

✨ Product Updates

Here are the main updates in the product last week.

Ability to zoom in on images

Community contributed: Contribution from Matheus Rodrigues

Now, when you receive an image file in your chat, you have the option to zoom in and see the details clearly. Native support for zooming in and out was added last week.


Support for previewing the inline images

We have now added support for previewing inline images from emails. You can click on the image to view it, and in the preview, you can zoom or rotate as desired.


Support for location messages from Telegram

Previously, location messages from Telegram only included a link to the location. Now, they also display the title, making shared locations easier to identify.

🧧 Updates on translation guidelines

Last week, we identified problems with our translations that led to complaints about missing words and untranslatable terms.

The root cause of the issue was our translation approach. We separated words for development convenience, overlooking differences in language structures, idioms, and cultural nuances. This led to non-literal translations and awkward phrasing. We have developed a guide to prevent this problem in future projects.

Read the guide: Never split sentences and join them using string concat operation

🤺 Reporting scams and fraud to Chatwoot

At Chatwoot, we have received some complaints regarding companies allegedly misusing our platform for fraudulent purposes. We want to clarify that we do not endorse or permit the use of Chatwoot for any deceptive activities whatsoever. Our terms of service unambiguously disallow such misuse of our platform. As open-source tool, we would not be able to prevent all such instances, however being aware of such incidents would help us to investigate and provide legal compliance. We have added a section on our handbook to help you report such instances to Chatwoot.

Read the guide: Reporting scams to Chatwoot