[V2.15.0] Heatmap, better searches, RTL support, and more.

Hricha Shandily

Hricha Shandily

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The new Chatwoot v2.15 is here. Here is your March '23 update. 👇

Introducing live Conversation traffic heatmap

You will find a new addition to your Overview reports – the Conversation traffic heatmap. This report provides a peek into the busiest hours of the day for a week, helping you identify patterns in customer conversations. So, you can account for your busiest and laziest hours.

Now, you can fetch contacts, conversations, or messages easier and faster. Type in anything you remotely remember – keyword, conversation ID, name, email ID, etc for a smart search experience.

Seamless UI for RTL languages

If you are using an RTL (right to left) language in Chatwoot, the UI will automatically adjust its direction to match the RTL language you're using–Arabic, Hebrew, or any other supported languages in Chatwoot.

Rich text editor for pre-chat messages

Now, you can format your pre-chat message with bold text, hyperlinks, bullet points, and more to make it more engaging and informative for your customers. A pre-chat message is like a greeting or helpful message for your customers given along with a pre-chat form.

Audit Log APIs (Enterprise)

It's happening! The APIs for audit logs have been created. Audit log is an Enterprise feature that will let you keep track of everything that has happened in your account. It will record all activities in your account like when was an inbox created, or when was an automation rule added, and by who. This will soon be available as a complete feature.

Other updates and improvements

  • Support for WhatsApp messages from older Brazilian phone numbers.
  • Push notification support for safari
  • Integration with LogRocket
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Thanks to @giautm, @afonsolage, @gitstart, @raph941, @phunguyenmurcul, @clairton, @BikashSah999, @mani-zur, @CristianDuta, @jacsonsantospht for the contributions.

P.S. V3.0 will be released in April '23; check out the Road to v3. 👀