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Pranav Raj S

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Hello everyone,

Chatwoot v2.5 is live. Here’s what’s new. 👇

✅ Read receipts for website channel

Reducing ambiguity can make a big difference in support organizations. In this update, we have added read receipts on the website channels. The agent would now see whether the customer has read their message or not.

📊 Live Reports

As a customer support/success manager or a business owner, you need to understand how your support organization functions in real-time. We have added a real-time dashboard that displays how many conversations are open and how many of them are unassigned and unattended. You can also see how many agents are online and what is their workload.

👠 Custom fields in Pre-chat form

Pre-chat form is used to collect information about a contact/conversation before they enter into a live chat with you. With this update, you can collect more than just their contact info. You can map the fields of your pre-chat form with the custom attributes you create on your Chatwoot account.

🔋 Event subscriptions in Webhook

Webhook allows you to listen to the changes happening in your Chatwoot account. With this update, we have added an additional option to select the events which you want to subscribe so that your service only gets the events that it needs.

Note: We have deprecated conversation.resolved and conversation.opened event, please use conversation.status_changed or conversation.updated event instead.

💅 Other Updates and improvements

  • Added additional options in the automation feature.
  • Added a new method in the JavaScript SDK to toggle the chat bubble visibility.
  • Added support for human_tag which lets you send Facebook messages outside the 24-hour window.
  • A lot of bug fixes. :)

Thanks to @shivamsinghchahar, @giquieu, and @jordan-brough  for the contributions.