[V2.18.0] Attachment view, Contact export, CSAT filters, and more.

Hricha Shandily

Hricha Shandily

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The new Chatwoot v2.18 is live. Here is your June '23 update. 👇

Browse attachments from a conversation

Quit scrolling through lengthy conversations to view shared attachments. Now you can simply click on a shared image, audio, or video file and go left or right to navigate through all the attachments in that conversation.


One-click contacts export

Find the new 'Export' button on your Contacts screen. Quickly get a csv file with comprehensive details of all your contacts.

Enhanced filters for CSAT reports

Find three new filters on your CSAT Reports screen – teams, inboxes, and ratings. Gain deeper insights into customer feedback. Learn valuable insights, optimize for team performance, improve specific inboxes, and prioritize actions based on customer sentiment.

Other updates and improvements

  • Send interactive messages (button and list) in WhatsApp inbox
  • Ability to update bot/user avatars from Super Admin Dashboard
  • Audit logs for sign_in, sign_out, team events (EE)
  • Support for configuring subdomains in widget SDK
  • Support for super script tag in help center articles
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Thanks to @clairton, @steffenhaak, @amplitudesxd, @marcelstoer, @memorycancel, @ChamathKB for the contributions.