[v2.14.0] Google sign-in, Help Center image support, Conversation Participants, and more.

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Hricha Shandily

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The new Chatwoot v2.14 is here. Here is your Feb '23 update:

with Google

With Google sign-in, you can sign up/in to your Chatwoot account with one click. Enjoy instant access to your customer conversations.

sign in with google on Chatwoot

Add images to your Help Center articles

Now you can create more engaging and informative Help Center articles for your customers. To add an image to your article, click on the "Add Image" button in the editor toolbar and select the image. You can even caption it to provide additional context for your readers.

image support in help center

Participate in conversations

Introducing "Conversation Participants". This new tab on your conversation dashboard lets you to easily add yourself or fellow agents as participants to a conversation. So, everyone involved in a conversation can track its progress and receive notifications on any updates.

To use this feature, expand the Conversation Participants tab and select the desired participants. Once added, they will be able to access the conversation and receive notifications on any changes. In addition, mentioning someone in a Private Note will also automatically make them a participant in the conversation, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring that no important details are missed.

Conversation participants in Chatwoot

Personalize your Canned Responses

Your templated messages can now be personalized too––with template variables. This helps you dynamically populate information such as customer names, order numbers, and more when you send a canned response. To use template variables in your canned responses, simply add them to your message using the format {{variable_name}}.

For example, to include the customer's name in your greeting canned response, create this message: "Hi {{customer_name}}, welcome to ABC Inc. support. How may I assist you?" Now, whenever you use this canned repsonse in a conversation, it'll automatically populate the message with the customer's name!

template variables for canned responses

Instantly translate your incoming messages

Now you can enable Google Translate on your account, making it even easier for your agents to communicate with customers who speak different languages.

To enable this feature, go to your Applications tab and set up the Google Translate integration. Once enabled, you can use the "Translate" option from the message menu to automatically translate messages into the language you use in Chatwoot.

Integration with Google Translate

Receive contacts in WhatsApp inbox

Your customers can now share contact files through the WhatsApp inbox.

Other updates and improvements

  • Change your WhatsApp API key from the configuration tab under Inbox Settings.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
  • New language: Icelandic(is)

Thanks to @iprithvitharun, @fgrep, @opencartcomvn, @imskr, @diivi, @brunosfg, @jacsonsantospht, @JanWarlen, @gitstart, @BikashSah999, @raph941, @phunguyenmurcul for the contributions.

P.S. Check out the Road to v3––Releasing Mid-March. 👀