[v2.10.0] Draft replies, hotkey preferences, and more

Hricha Shandily

Hricha Shandily

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Hi, there. Chatwoot v2.10 is live. This release focuses on making working with Chatwoot more efficient. Here is a brief of what's new:

😩 Never lose your drafted messages

If you're composing a reply or sending a private note to a teammate and leave the screen or even refresh the page––your text will be right where you left it. Chatwoot shall save the data and preserve your unsent messages as drafts.

draft replies in chatwoot

💬 Choose a hotkey to send messages

How do you like to send your messages? Enter or Cmd/Ctrl+Enter?

Whatever your choice is, you have the option of keeping it. Update your Hotkey preference from your Profile Settings.


⚡️ [Shortcut] Create canned responses from the chat window

If you have sent a message and realized you want to save it as a canned response, you can do it instantly. Click on the three dots beside the respective message, and select "Add to canned responses". This will open a pop-up for you, where you can give a short code and press Save. Your canned response will be created.

shortcut to add new canned responses in chatwoot

🔆 Other updates and improvements

  • Better @mention UI
  • Improvements to the Help Center module
  • Performance improvements
  • Numerous API enhancements and bug fixes

Thanks to @ChamathKB, @civilcoder55, @jordan-brough, @KubesDavid, @marcelstoer, @geophilusd, @nosovk, @simonpankovski for the contributions.