Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Hey everyone,

We have released a new version of Chatwoot v1.22.0 with the following updates:

⚡️ Quickly access commands using ⌘ + K

For our power users, we have shipped a command bar for your common tasks. You can now resolve conversations, add labels, assign teams, or switch to reports all from one place.

📝 Contact Profile & Notes

We have shipped a new dedicated profile page for contacts. You can now add notes to a contact. You can use this to manually log a call, email, or meeting you had with the customer.

👩‍💻 Custom Attributes

A custom attribute tracks your contacts/conversation information — like the subscription plan, order details, etc. You can now access and update custom attributes from the sidebar on a conversation.

🔋 Paste Images from Clipboard

You can now paste images as attachments to a conversation.

⚙️ Drag and rearrange sidebar elements

You can now rearrange the sidebar elements based on your preference. Click on the header and drag it up or down to change the position.

Other improvements:

  • Added the ability to configure DialogFlow integration across all channel types except email.
  • Added the ability to specify a subject for outgoing emails.
  • Added the APIs to filter conversations & contacts.
  • Added the ability to enable pre-chat form before triggering campaigns.
  • Installations will now automatically generate vapid keys for push notifications.
  • Added the ability to ensure HMAC as mandatory for widget interactions.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Thanks to @lybrus, @jdsalchow, @akhilgkrishnan, @virajbahulkar, @jayeclark, @SanjuSudheerM, @sarhugo, @alexverde, @wsuff, @santhosh-chinnasamy, @sarzynski, @Jnig for the contributions