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Hello everyone,

We have released a new version of Chatwoot with the following updates.

📸 Instagram Channel

With 1.21.0 update, you can send and receive Instagram DMs from Chatwoot. Read more details about the integration here.  

📊 Filter reports by Agent, Team, Inbox & Labels

You can now analyze conversation trends by applying filters for agents, teams, inboxes, and labels on reports. For example, you can now see how many conversations tagged with a label were created last week and the response times on those queries.

🔥 Email Channel improvements

This update ships a lot of enhancements for the email channel, see the list below.

  • Use the sender name if available instead of generating one from the email.
  • Fixes the delivery of emails if the case does not match.
  • Supports cc and bcc in email replies.
  • Fix issues with thread identification in email channels.
  • Add a `sent` status indicator for the email messages.
  • Remove message grouping in the email channel. Each message would be sent as a separate message.

🗣 Out of office responder for all channels

You can now set out of office responder for all conversation channels. If a customer is reaching out to support in any of the support outside of the business hours, Chatwoot will send a pre-defined reply to them.

🌟 Refresh Prompt on disconnect

Chatwoot would now prompt you to refresh the page to get the latest updates if you are disconnected from the network. :)

⚙️ Contact actions

In this update, we have added support for merging duplicate contacts, deleting a contact, and bulk importing contacts via a CSV file.

💅 Other updates

  • Added support for attachments in Slack channels, Read the updated guide here.
  • Added support for sending & receiving attachments in Telegram / Line messenger.
  • Fixed the time offset for Business hours on DST timezones.
  • Added the ability to pass a param to close and reopen the chat window via SDK. Read the update SDK documentation here.
  • Fixed the issue with Dialogflow integration in Docker builds.
  • Added an option to view all conversations that matches the filters.
  • Added a toggle to enforce user validation in Chatwoot website widget SDK.
  • Added a fix to send notification to all the mentioned users in a private message.

Thanks to @brentco @murtaza-bagwala @sarhugo @akhilgkrishnan @srameshr @manojmj92 @seagalputra @SanjuSudheerM @WevrLabs for the contributions.

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