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We have released a new version of Chatwoot v1.20.0 with the following updates.

🔥 New Channels: Line & Telegram

We have added native support for Line and Telegram in v1.20.0. As of now, text messages are supported, we will be adding support for images/files in the upcoming releases.

🤡 CSAT surveys for every channel

You can now opt to send a Customer satisfaction surveys on every channel once the conversation is resolved. The user would receive a link where they can register their feedback.

A example on how it works on twitter is shown below.

💬 Send MMS via Twilio

Chatwoot now supports sending Multimedia message via Twilio API.

🎨 Updated mention notification emails

Earlier the mention notification emails didn't have the message content. We have updated the design to include the message content as well.

🛠 Bug fixes & Improvements:

  • For emails forwarded from Google Groups, Google rewrites the FROM address to the group email and the original email will be available under X-Original-Sender. The new update would handle this case.
  • Added the APIs and UI for custom attributes schema. (upcoming feature)
  • Added the ability to remove Inbox avatar.
  • Update the design of the web-widget for WCAG 2.0 compliance. Thanks to @koudshoorn for the PR.
  • Added multiline support for the greeting messages.
  • Support more special characters in the password.
  • You can now pop out the reply box to write longer text messages.
  • Added fix for rendering issues with email messages. The entire HTML would be rendered in the messages with option to view the Quoted text.

Thanks to @wilso199, @koudshoorn, @SanjuSudheerM, @noobnooc for the contributions

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