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Note: If you are using Linux installations, please make sure that you have upgraded Ruby version 3.0.2 along with Chatwoot. Refer to this guide for help.

We have released a new version of Chatwoot with the following updates.

🔥 Push notification servers

If you are using the community edition of Chatwoot, you would now be able use the Official mobile app with push notifications without any additional configuration.

💤 Snooze a conversation

Snoozing a conversation removes it from the list of open conversations available for agents. You can snooze a conversation if you are waiting for a reply from the user or if you want to revisit the conversation at a later point in time. Chatwoot support following snooze options:

  • Until next reply: Conversation would be in a snoozed state until the user replies to the conversation.
  • Next day: Conversation would be in a snoozed state until the next day 9AM.
  • Next week: The conversation would be put back in the list of conversations next Monday 9AM.

📤 Campaigns (beta)

This release gives campaigns a dedicated place in the sidebar. With campaigns you can send out outbound messages to a specified set of users. You can create 2 types of campaigns:

  • One-off campaigns: Create one-time outbound messages via SMS or Whatsapp. You can select a segment of users tagged by a label and schedule the campaign to a later time.
  • One-going campaigns: Create outbound messages based on rules on a website widget.

🚅 Keyboard shortcuts (beta)

The latest version of Chatwoot includes a range of keyboard shortcuts for power users.

💅 Quickly identify the last message type

While scanning the list of conversation, the agent users found it difficult to understand whether the last message was a reply or a private note. In this release, we have added an icon to differentiate between the messages.

⚡️ Support for to, cc & subject in message headers

Chatwoot now display cc, bcc, subject on each message so that it is easy to identify whether the message is received via email or live-chat.

🚔 Block and throttle abusive requests

The latest version implements an in-product rate-limiting mechanism. Requests would be throttled based on the IP or email address used to create the request.

♻️ Reduce docker image size

The size of the docker image has been reduced by 50%. Thanks to @paescuj for this amazing contribution.

✨ Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Introduced a pending status. The bot conversation with be in pending status initial and would be move to open and then resolved. (Pending -> Open -> (Snoozed) -> Resolved)
  • Improved search, list performance of contact/conversation APIs.
  • Added the support to use database with a non-standard port.
  • Added a fix to render line-breaks properly in messages. Earlier, the line-breaks were not respected by the message rendering logic.
  • Upgrade to Rails 6.1.4

Thanks to @SanjuSudheerM, @sbreiler-work, @paescuj, @raikasdev, @HariniKrishnan, @vishal-pandey, @thundersparkf,  @shailesh-kalamkar, @patrickobriain  for the contributions

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