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Pranav Raj S

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We are excited to release v1.10.0 with the following updates.

Chatwoot CRM

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 1.37.35 PM.png

You will be able to view the list of the contacts you had conversations with, see their details and previous conversations.


You will now be able to perform a full-text search through the messages.

Other updates

  • IP Lookup for contact location
  • Business hours APIs
  • Ability to Resolve conversations after n days of inactivity
  • Agents, Inboxes Reports APIs
  • Activity messages for mute and unmute actions
  • File upload for API inbox
  • Slack Integration failure Notification
  • Installation script for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

New languages

Added language support for Japanese, Arabic.

Thanks to @RonWalker22, @azyzio, @hsbt, @monarch0111, @RicardoRamirezR, @Nico385412, @yihyang, @akashdotsrivastava, @sivin-git, @DavidSteinbauer, @SmartManoj, @ShadowDLL for the contributions

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