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Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Most communication platforms today support quoted replies that enable users to respond directly to particular messages. This enhances clarity and boosts the efficiency of online interactions.

As an omnichannel support product, we've received feedback about adding this feature. Over the past few months, we've seen a great set of use cases to enable people to offer better support, so we decided to add the support for it.

Design Iteration

Now, users can select a message on the Dashboard by clicking or right-clicking to access the "Reply to this message" option via a context menu. Likewise, in the Live Chat widget, users can hover over a message and click the "Reply to" button. For mobile devices, this action can be performed by swiping the message.

Here is a quick overview of how it functions in the live chat.

🚀 Supported platforms

Here is the list of platforms where the feature is supported.

Channel Supported
Live chat
Email Not supported
WhatsApp ✅ (Only with the Official WhatsApp Cloud APIs)
SMS Not supported
Line Not supported

Let us know what you think about the feature.