Omnichannel message signatures

Hricha Shandily

Hricha Shandily

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The message signature feature has gotten a full upgrade, with three key enhancements:

Omnichannel signatures

The message signature won’t be limited to only email inboxes anymore. Now, you can seamlessly use a single signature across any and all communication channels on Chatwoot – email, live chat messenger, social media, instant messaging, SMS, and API inboxes.

Image support

Images are also now supported on email, website live chat, and API inboxes. Include logos, headshots, marketing material, and more visual elements to create a comprehensive message signature.

image upload option in message signatures

Editable signatures

Find the option to append a message signature to your messages in the text editor, which you can edit and customize before sending.


With omnichannel message signatures, you can ensure brand consistency and create a unified and memorable online presence across platforms.

Other improvements

  • Optimized Contact import functionality
  • Upgraded Slack integration to support attachments
  • Comprehensive bug resolutions and performance enhancements