Chatwoot - August Update

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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We are starting a new series from this month, where we would share exciting things happening around Chatwoot. We will share the product updates, progress, community events, etc., through these.

Funding announcement

We went through the YC W21 batch during Jan-March 2021. Post YC batch, we raised $1.6M in a seed funding round from Goat Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, YCombinator, and a host of angel investors, including Lambda School CEO Austen Allred. This funding round would help us improve the product and release a scale version of Chatwoot with more features.

You can read more about the round here.

10,000 Github stars

The community has been core to us. It is inspiring to see that we continue to get love and support.

Crossing 10,000 stars on Github is a huge milestone for us. We are delighted to build this community of people.

1 Million Docker downloads

Docker has been one of our most used installation mediums, and it continues to do so. Our official Docker images crossed 1 Million downloads last month.

Product Update

We released a new version of Chatwoot v1.19.0 with a lot features, including custom push notification servers, snooze a conversation, campaigns, etc. You can read more about the release here.

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