Changelog: Week of May 6

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Here are the major updates from the last week.

🗂️ Ability to sort canned responses

Contributed by @JeffOtano

You now have the ability to sort canned responses using the short code in the canned responses console. This helps for the quick lookup of information. See the attached screencast below.


New Profile Settings UI

As part of our design refresh, we are making improvements to our User Interface (UI). Please see the updated profile settings below.


📃 Support document file uploads in Telegram

We now support the attachment of .txt and .doc files in Telegram. With the update last week, you can easily attach these files directly from the message editor.

🌞 Improvements in report export

The Excel export for both team-wise performance reports and agent performance reports will now include customer waiting time and resolution count.

Bug fixes, community contributions:

  • Switched to Instagram CDN URL for attachments.
  • Improved the onboarding screen for Microsoft email channel integration (contributed by @MJRT).
  • Added an option to scroll to the replied message (contributed by @clairton).
  • Fixed a bug with the invalid reply-to data during the message creation. (contributed by @Maklu)
  • Added API support for syncing draft messages across devices (contributed by @jderecho).
  • Included documentation to specify Redis port number (contributed by @legioner0).