Changelog: Week of June 24

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Here are the main updates for the last week.

✈️ Ability to un-assign a team in an automation

Contributed by Clairton Rodrigo Heinzen

While the ability to assign different teams in automation existed before, the option to remove one did not. We have included this feature in our latest update. You'll now find a 'None' option in the dropdown. Selecting this will remove the team from the conversation.

📲 Changes in push notifications on mobile

We used FCM legacy APIs to send push notifications to Android and iOS devices. However, as these APIs were deprecated on June 20, 2023, and will be removed in June 2024, we have now added the support for HTTP v1 API notifications in our latest version.

If you are on Chatwoot Cloud, please ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Chatwoot mobile app (1.10.41) to continue receiving the notifications.

If you're using a self-hosted Chatwoot, in addition to the mobile app update, ensure that you're using our push relay server for notifications. Set the environment variable ENABLE_PUSH_RELAY_SERVER to true.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved rendering of plain text emails. Previously, emails with text/plain content only were rendered without line breaks. This issue has been addressed in the latest update.
  • Added support for SMTP timeouts. You can now set the open timeout and read timeout in self-hosted installations using the variables SMTP_OPEN_TIMEOUT and SMTP_READ_TIMEOUT, respectively. (Contributed by Ali Behnamfard)