Changelog: Week of April 22

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Here are the key updates for the week.

🦹🏼 SLA alerts on mobile app

Last week, we implemented SLA support in our mobile app. Now, you can directly view SLA breaches within the conversations. See the screencast below.


📹 Support for Loom videos on help center articles

We have added the support for Loom videos on help center articles this week. You can directly paste a link to a Loom video and it would render the video properly in the article. Please see the screenshot below on how it is rendered in one of our articles.

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Fixed a bug in the custom attribute that caused the contact attributes panel to break if empty.
  • Added extra checks to prevent misuse of message APIs.
  • Removed duplicate tooltip for failed messages in the conversation UI

The SLA feature is now available for public beta. You can enable this feature directly from your account settings. Simply navigate to Settings → SLA → Upgrade.

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