2.0 release, EE Edition, et al.

Pranav Raj S

Pranav Raj S

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Hello everyone,

Today we are announcing 2.0 - a new major version of Chatwoot that improves the product stability, adds new features and productivity enhancements, and a complete design overhaul. This release also marks our first Enterprise edition offering.  

2.0 release

2.0 version ships with an updated dashboard that is completely redesigned for a better user experience. This update ships with many new features, including more communication channels, productivity enhancements, better conversations visibility, re-engagement options, etc.

💬 Communicate with your customers irrespective of the medium

Chatwoot provides a unified inbox of conversations. You don't have to switch between tools to connect with your customers. We support the following communication channels.

  • Website Live-chat
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • SMS
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • API channel for custom needs.

Chatwoot helps you to communicate within your organization. For example, you can create a group of employees as teams and assign the ownership of a conversation to a team. To communicate internally, you can now use private notes and @mentions.

🤩 Engage the customers based on their profile

With our updated CRM, you can now synchronize your customer information by adding our SDK to your website/app. In addition, you can define custom attributes for the customers based on your requirements, tag them, and filter them on their characteristics.

We also introduced a new feature for adding notes which helps you to log your calls/emails/conversations you had with your customers.

⚡️ Improve your team's productivity

You can now use Command bar for quick access to all the commands you use in Chatwoot and use keyboard shortcuts for increased productivity.

Enterprise Edition (EE)

Today, we are excited to announce our enterprise edition software. For all future releases, you will see two versions of Chatwoot, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition (EE).

We will include the features such as customisable dashboards, SLA Management, Agent scheduling software, IP blocklisting etc., suited for large organizations in the Enterprise Edition software. In contrast, Small and medium businesses would continue to use the Community edition. We are making the license update in the repository to include a dual licensing option. All the code available before this change and the future community edition updates would continue to be in the MIT license, and we promise that we will not move any feature that was shipped in CE to EE. All the contents of the folder /enterprise is copyrighted, and you would need to purchase a license or signup at our Cloud offering to use these features.

We hope that making our EE Edition code source available adds transparency to our business and the product. We are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Contributor Hall of Fame

The community has been core to our success so far. It is rewarding to see people from different countries and cultures come together for a common goal. Our product supports more than 30 languages right now, and all of it was contributed by the community.

We want to honor and extend our gratitude to the people who have put the effort in helping us to make this software better every day. We are excited to announce the contributor's hall of fame. This website would show all the contributors who have contributed to Chatwoot. Be it a code change, a doc update, or a language contribution. We value every contribution you have made.

We are really excited to bring this to you all. Let us know your thoughts and feedback !