Chatwoot Connect

The creators of Chatwoot are coming together to discuss their journey of turning an open-source project into a YC startup, what the product’s future looks like, and make some surprise announcements.

26 July 2022, 11-11:45 AM EST



11 AM
The Chatwoot Story

Pranav, Nithin, and Sojan share how they built the product during the initial days of Chatwoot, what were YC interviews like, and how they raised $1.6 million. 

11:15 AM

We talk about the features being planned at Chatwoot, and the technologies behind them.

11:30 AM

A surprise announcement from the Chatwoot team.

11:45 AM

An AMA with Chatwoot founders.

What is Chatwoot Connect?

We’re excited to inaugurate Chatwoot Connect – a monthly virtual meetup hosted by the Chatwoot team.

In the upcoming editions, we’ll be showcasing the open-source projects powered by Chatwoot, community-favourite features, doing live-coding sessions, and inviting the best brains to talk about tech, open-source and CX. But most importantly – we’ll be interacting with you all. 

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