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✨ Measure customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys

When a conversation is closed, the system will automatically send a message to the user to rate the conversation and provide feedback. The survey is completely optional. The survey response is used to calculate customer satisfaction reports.

Note: This is available on the live-chat channel only now. We will add support for the rest of the channels in future releases.


Reports: A report will be generated based on the responses received, and you can see the satisfaction score, response rate, and individual feedback. In addition, you can use a date filter to see the response received in the last seven days, 30 days, three months, etc.

  • Satisfaction score: The percent of positive responses received (😀 or 😍)
  • Response rate: The number of responses received / total surveys sent.

✨ Delete messages

If you have made an error or have included sensitive data in the messages, or to comply with data deletion requests, you can now delete the messages sent to the user. On each message, there will be an option to delete the message.


✨ Drag and drop attachments

To make it easier to add an image or an attachment, we have added the option drag and drop files to conversations.

✨ Custom date range in reports

Along with the preset date ranges, you can now select custom date ranges in the reports.


Thanks to @anew-bhav, @srameshr, @mrunalselokar for the contributions.