How Tegrus uses Dashboard Apps to triple its sales

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Dashboard Apps is one of our most versatile features. The possibilities of utilizing it for various use cases are endless. With this feature, you can embed an app, hosted on a different URL, within the Chatwoot dashboard. When embedded, such an app becomes readily available for the agent to use while talking with customers. Some common ways in which our customers use dashboard apps include CRMs, orders library, payment history, etc.

We recently came across an excellent dashboard app, created by one of our customers, Tegrus. Tegru is a complete growth management platform for businesses. They created a dashboard app 'Tfy' for its clients. Tfy displays complete lead information. It is used by Tegrus' clients to also improve sales.

Using Tfy, Tegrus has been able to achieve a 300% increase in lead conversion rates for a client of theirs, amongst many success stories. What those are and how did they do it? Let's see.

Problems faced by Tegrus and its clients

Before implementing Tfy, Tegrus and its clients faced two major issues, as described below.

1.Lead response time

Many researches have shown that the time it takes for the seller to respond to a customer or initiate the first contact with them directly affects the chance of closing a deal. Tegrus observed that the longer a salesperson took to get in touch with a lead, the lower got the chances of qualifying a lead.

It was found that if the company can get a seller on standby, who can respond in one minute, the conversion rate is 391%. If it happens in two minutes, the rate drops to 160%.

Graph showing the relation between lead response time and conversion rate


2. Managing a lead on multiple screens

Problem explained by Jhony from Tegrus

The need to switch multiple tabs over and over again not only caused a lowered efficiency but also sometimes gave conflicts in information.

Solution: a triple integration

Addressing the challenges faced by their customers, Tegrus devised a process. It starts as soon as a lead qualifies in the CRM system they use, Pipefy. Within a mere ten seconds, an automatic WhatsApp message is sent to the lead, ensuring swift and timely communication.

To further enhance the integration, Pipefy seamlessly connects with Tfy, the dashboard app within Chatwoot. This integration ensures that Tfy is instantly updated with all the relevant lead information. When the lead responds to the WhatsApp message, a conversation is automatically created in Chatwoot, associating the contact's phone number with the lead in Pipefy.

Process devised by Tegrus

This thoughtful process eliminates any delays or missed opportunities in engaging with qualified leads. The synergy between Pipefy, Tfy, and Chatwoot, helps Tegrus centralize lead management for its client-businesses.

Achieving agility with Tfy: the dashboard app

The Tfy application allows a complete view of all information about the customer's registration data: personal data, team's communication history with them, and more, all in a single place. Information about interest and consumption profiles are shared between the Sales and Marketing teams.

As a CRM platform embedded within Chatwoot, Tfy simplifies communication with leads. It communicates with Pipefy and efficiently automates the commercial process. Tegrus' clients achieved agility in business processes that were previously manual. This directly solves the two named challenges by reducing lead response times and avoiding browsing of multiple tabs.

Tfy dashboard app created by Tegrus

To further enhance the user experience, Tegrus also approximated the UI of Tfy to match Chatwoot's design language.


Tegrus saw a 300% increase in lead conversion rates for one of their clients. The rest of the numbers speak for themselves:

Results achieved by Tegrus

Ever since implementing this process, the team at Tegrus has been able to:

  • Scale their operations.
  • Reduce Sales cycle times.
  • Optimize for opportunity response time.
  • Manage qualified leads better.
  • Reduce human effort in managerial tasks and focus on creating customer relationships.
  • Share information more easily.
  • Manage leads and conversations only through Chatwoot, gaining agility in commercial service.

Tegrus has successfully enhanced lead engagement and communication between businesses and their prospects. The seamless integration between Pipefy, Tfy, and Chatwoot ensures that leads are promptly reached through WhatsApp, resulting in a higher likelihood of initiating conversations. The team saw a significant improvement in the number of conversations in a period of three months:

number of conversations in a period of three months

Parting words...

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