Dashboard Apps: View user info from other URLs on your Chatwoot Dashboard!

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Ishita Bagchi

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As a customer support executive, good time management will always help you to handle customer issues smoothly. At the same time, you also need context about your user to help with fast resolutions.

If you use more than one app and tool where your customer data is scattered, you may have to switch between tabs more than you’d like to.

This can cause your efficiency to lower.

How we are helping prevent this tab-switching

If you are hosting any kind of user data, say your customer orders tracking screen, on a separate URL, you can view that page directly on your Chatwoot dashboard.

This is possible with Dashboard Apps – our new feature.

dashboard apps on Chatwoot

As a result, you’ll be able to benefit from the following:

☑️ Faster resolutions

☑️ Happier you and your customers

☑️ Data-driven approach

Here are all the technical details for configuring your own Dashboard Apps.

P.S. Here is something else that helps with getting user context faster and makes your workflows even faster.

So, how you can use this?

Let’s talk about John, a customer service rep working with Twiggy, a food delivery app.

John has received a ticket regarding a customer query. The customer wants to know the status of their order delivery and complains that he is not able to contact the delivery outlet. After John has received the ticket, he has to go to the customer support chat screen. Then, has to find the customer’s details in his database by using the customer’s email.

If he requires more details, he has to go back and forth between the app and the ticket raised. And if the query doesn’t get resolved at once, he has to repeat the entire process of toggling between multiple tabs and websites.

He also has to deal with multiple customers in a day. But, if he has to spend so much time on solving one ticket then it is inconvenient and time-consuming for him and the customers.

Now, if he has the Dashboard Apps embedded in his chat screen, he can save time.

When a customer raises a query and a ticket is generated, he can just enter the customer's details only once in the dashboard app. After that, all the required information and purchase history will appear right in front of him!

He no longer has to go back and forth between multiple screens. He can solve the customer's issues on the live chat itself without having to refer to multiple URLs on different tabs.

Here's another example

Take another example of an ed-tech org. They receive multiple calls, queries, and emails from students and parents every day.

The queries sometimes increase during times of competitive exams. It is necessary to resolve those queries on time, especially during those last hours of exams.

However, if they have to constantly keep switching between their tabs, sometimes resolving queries might get delayed. Such delays during the exam season can be frustrating for the customers.

With Dashboard Apps, they could have all the information and customer history on a single screen. It also helps them to solve queries much more efficiently. They don't have to ask multiple questions to their customers and refer to multiple URLs.

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Why we love Dashboard Apps

There are multiple reasons:

🛷 It helps make your workflows easier.

🧘‍♂️ The ability to display all the information on one dashboard can improve your efficiency.

❌ Not having to toggle between multiple sites reduces the chances of errors.

🎨 You can fully customize your experience by keeping your most valuable and practical set of information accessible on your dashboard.

We hope you find this feature useful. Let us know your suggestions and feedback.

We also demonstrate new features almost every month at Chatwoot Connect. See ya again! ✌