Leveraging AI in Chatwoot: Compose, Optimize, Summarize

Hricha Shandily

Hricha Shandily

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ChatGPT has shown us what it really means to be a game-changer. This year, we have seen AI perfecting a lot of tasks, left, right, and center. We believe in leveraging AI for what it can do best – the regular stuff. In turn, this leaves us with more headspace to do things that make a difference – creating customer relationships. And since we focus on building delightful customer relationships at Chatwoot, we HAD to learn how to make the best of the new GPT models. We now have a start.

The AI in Chatwoot is like a constantly available assistant on your dashboard, which holds your hand before, during, and after talking with customers. This not only aims at creating a better experience for agents but also ensures faster, better, and more consistent responses for customers.

In the first version (yes, we are improving this everyday), we’ve built three new fascinating AI-powered features into Chatwoot. The aim is to enable our users provide:

  • Faster customer resolutions
  • Better quality customer support
  • Better agent experience
  • Efficient onboarding of new agents

Let’s see what these three new features can and cannot do.

Note: To find these three features on your dashboard, you’ll first need to take a minute to integrate your OpenAI account with Chatwoot.

Compose: ready-made replies for agents

Imagine AI thinking and writing pretty much the same thing you would have written in a message, except that it happens in a couple of seconds. That’s our “Reply suggestion with AI” feature.

The feature is currently capable of suggesting simple responses. It can give you a head start on conversations by quickly writing the things you must ask a customer, given the context.

Let’s say you receive a new conversation with a customer complaining about the login button not working. Here's what the AI would do:


Once the message is generated, you can edit it if needed and hit Send.

We are actively working on expanding the feature to offer more relevant replies. The more matured versions of this feature will be able to learn about a business from its documentation and hence increase the scope of its answers. It will also give more specific and personalized responses based on its learnings from the user’s conversation history and behavior.

Optimize: tone-based improvements

We are familiar with the feeling of having ten things on our mind, including responding to a conversation. We may know the answer to a customer's query, finding the perfect words and tone can be a challenge. And when we have to do this multiple times a day, it is quite difficult to always personalize a perfect response for every customer. But that's why ChatGPT is here.

ChatGPT is pretty awesome at optimizing existing content. And let us face it, customers are sensitive beings. A well articulated message can:

  • Pacify an angry customer
  • Help a customer better understand features, leading to increased retention
  • Improve your chances of making a sale by using persuasive language

...and much more.

This also comes in handy for agents who are new to an organization or are not familiar with the preferred tone of communication.

So we created the “Improve with AI” feature that sits right in your message compose area, like a watch dog. Every time you are done writing a message, click the “Improve with AI” button, select the tone and watch the magic unfold.


Summarize: conversation briefs in a click

Usually, note-worthy points are discussed in conversations with customers. It is always helpful to outline these points and provide valuable insights to the team. Be it Sales, product, marketing – every team benefits from these insights.

This can also be particularly useful for managers who need to stay up-to-date on customer interactions, but don't have time to read through every conversation. The summary can provide a quick overview of the conversation, highlighting the key points and allowing managers to quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed.

So, we created the “Summary with AI” feature to help generate quick summaries.

What are our plans for the AI in Chatwoot?

We are focused on making our AI systems smarter and more intuitive. Our goal is to optimize it to be more dependable and efficient, while staying cost-efficient and easily adaptable to different needs.

We are currently exploring how we can bring AI into different features of Chatwoot.

Right now, we use OpenAI's models to generate responses, but we're open to exploring other models if there's enough demand from you all.

What to expect in the upcoming versions of the AI features?

We're focusing on two areas – the knowledge base and agent bots, with the goal of improving the overall experience on three crucial fronts:

  1. For support agents, we are working on improving the article writing experience, making it more efficient and faster.
  2. For customers, we are enhancing the article search functionality, ensuring that information can be found swiftly and effortlessly. This will help your customers quickly access the relevant help articles they need.
  3. For both customers and agents, we are developing tailored article recommendations. These recommendations will be helpful in addressing individual queries and resolve issues much faster.

If you'd like to stay in loop with the updates, join the discussions on GitHub and Discord.