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Cloudron Chatwoot deployment guide

Cloudron Overview

Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to install, manage and secure web apps on your server. Chatwoot is now available as a 1-click app in the Cloudron app store and the installation is blazing fast.

Note: This is a community contributed installation setup. This will only have community support for any issues in future.

Setup Chatwoot using Cloudron

1. Install Cloudron on your server

Finish your Cloudron installation by following the instructions at Get Cloudron.

2. Install Chatwoot

Once Cloudron installation is complete, login to your cloudron web portal and click on the appstore icon. Search for Chatwoot and click install. That's it. Chatwoot should be up and running in a minute or two.

Direct link to the cloudron app store listing -->

3. Finish the setup

Navigate to your chatwoot domain and complete the onboarding setup.

4. Configure environment variables

Cloudron will take care of Postgres and Redis installation, along with the app and worker processes. We would advise you to replace the Database/Redis services with managed/standalone servers once you start scaling.

Also, ensure to set the appropriate environment variables for email, Object Store service etc. using our Environment variables guide.

Custom environment variables can be set in /app/data/env using the Cloudron File manager. Be sure to reboot the app after making any changes.

Upgrading Chatwoot installation

Chatwoot follows a monthly release pattern with a new release every 15th of the month. Use the built in Cloudron app updates to stay on the latest version. Read about the changelog here.