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Super admin Console

You will need a user account with super admin privileges to access the super admin console and Sidekiq console.

Note: The first user created during onboarding is a super admin.

Access superadmin console

  • Access <chatwoot-installation-url>/super_admin.

Creating new super admins

  • Use the super admin console and navigate to the user's section
  • Click on the new user button, fill in the details, and select the type to be super admin

Access Sidekiq via the super admin console

  • Access <chatwoot-installation-url>/super_admin.
  • Authenticate using the admin credentials created during the installation.
  • You can access the Sidekiq option on the sidebar.

Access Rails console

Run the following command in your console from the root folder of your Chatwoot Rails app.

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails c

If you have cwctl, use cwctl --console.

  • If you running Chatwoot in a Docker container, you would need to access the shell inside your container first.
  • If you are running Chatwoot on Caprover, use the following command to access the command line.
docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=srv-captain--chatwoot-web -q) /bin/sh