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Configuring Cloudfront with Chatwoot

This document helps you to configure Cloudfront as the asset host for Chatwoot. If you have a high traffic website, we would recommend setting up a CDN for Chatwoot.

Configure a Cloudfront distribution

Step 1: Create a Cloudfront distribution.


Step 2: Select "Web" as delivery method for your content.


Step 3: Configure the Origin Settings as the following.


  • Provide your Chatwoot Installation URL under Origin Domain Name.
  • Select "Origin Protocol Policy" as Match Viewer.

Step 4: Configure Cache behaviour.


  • Configure Allowed HTTP methods to use GET, HEAD, OPTIONS.
  • Configure Cache and origin request settings to use Use legacy cache settings.
  • Select Whitelist for Cache Based on Selected Request Headers.
  • Add the following headers to the Whitelist Headers. extra-headers
    • Access-Control-Request-Headers
    • Access-Control-Request-Method
    • Origin

Step 5: Click on Create Distribution. You will be able to see the distribution as shown below. Use the Domain name listed in the details as the ASSET_CDN_HOST in Chatwoot.


Add ASSET_CDN_HOST in Chatwoot

Your Cloudfront URL will be of the format <distribution>



in the environment variables.