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Setting up Email Channel

Configure Email Channel

Email channels require conversation continuity configured

  1. Enable channel_email (Login to rails console and execute the following)
account = Account.find(1)
account.enabled_features // This would list enabled features.
  1. Now head over to inboxes page and create an email inbox with the support email as mail-channel-step1
  2. Now Add Agents who can have access to the email channel box.
  3. Now you will get the email channel box address in the last step. mail-channel-step2
  4. Now create a forward rule in your inbox to forward emails to the address obtained at inbox creation step. set-forwarder-email
  5. You should be able to receive emails in your newly created email inbox in chatwoot. mail-channel-box


You can send out emails only from a verified email address in SendGrid. For sending emails from wildcard domain, do verification at domain level instead of individual email.

Testing On Local

You can visit http://localhost:3000/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails/new to send inbound mails from local to chatwoot inbox.