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Contacts section in Chatwoot contains the details of End Users/Customers that you have interacted with using Chatwoot Widget. You can consider it as Customer Data Base.

Click on Contacts on Home Screen.

Chatwoot Home Screen

A Screen will open which will have Contacts(if already added). Or else a blank screen where Contacts can be added.

Contacts Home Screen

Contacts can be added to the list in 3 ways. One is to add the contact yourself by clicking the New Contact button on the right hand side.

Add Contact Button Screen

Second way is to collect the contact information through Pre chat forms.

Chatwoot Widget Pre Chat Form

Third way is when the customer enters the email id in the Channel Greeting message.

Chatwoot Widget Channel Greeting Message screen

Once the contacts are available in your contact list, you can edit the details as and when needed.