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Translate Chatwoot to your language

Chatwoot uses American English by default. Each and every string available in Chatwoot can be translated to the language of your choice. Chatwoot uses Crowdin to manage the translation process. The updates from Crowdin is also included along with every release.

How do I see the strings that needs to be translated?

In the codebase the string are placed in the following locations.

  • app/javascript/dashboard/i18n - The strings related to the agent dashboard
  • app/javascript/widget/i18n - The strings related to the web widget
  • app/javascript/survey/i18n - The strings related to CSAT surveys
  • config/locales - The strings used in backend messages or API responses

You can login to the Crowdin ( and create an account to view the strings that needs to be translated.

How to contribute?

If you don't find your language on Crowdin, please create an issue on Github to add the language.

Translate Strings

The translation process for Chatwoot web and mobile app is managed at using Crowdin. You will have to create an account at Crowdin before you can select a language and contribute.

Formal vs informal context

At Chatwoot, we prefer to use formal form of language wherever possible. For instance in German there are two forms of "you" where one is rather used in formal contexts ("Sie") and the other one is used among friends ("Du"). "Sie" is preferred over "Du" in translating Chatwoot.


Proofreading helps ensure the accuracy and consistency of translations. Right now, the translations are being accepted without a proof reading step. This would be changed in the future as an when there are more contributors on each language.

Note: If you are the only person contributing to a language, make sure that you inform any of the Chatwoot members to gain access to manage the language.

Releasing a new language

All the translated strings would be included in the next release. If a language has 60% or more translated strings in Crowdin, we would enable the language in Chatwoot app during the next release.

Steps to raise a pull request for new langauge

Please use this pull request as a reference for enabling a new language into Chatwoot.

  • Ensure language is added and enabled in config/initializers/languages.rb
  • Include the language in i18n/index.js for the all the packs -> dashboard, widget, survey
  • Select the language from Chatwoot settings UI and confirm the PR to be working