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Setup guide for mobile app

Installation and setup#


  • Node.js
  • Watchman
  • Yarn
  • React Native CLI - Use $ yarn global add react-native-cli to install the CLI.

More information on getting started can be found here

Clone the repository

$ git clone

And install dependencies

$ yarn

Environment Variables#

Create .env file under root folder


Setup firebase for push notification#

  • Create a new project in firebase console.
  • Generate android credentials from firebase console. Then download the google-services.json file and place it inside of your project at the following location: android/app/.
  • Generate iOS credentials from firebase console. Then download the GoogleService-Info.plist file . Then add this file to project using Xcode. More details can be found here.

Setup Sentry for error reporting#

Create a new project in Sentry

Add SENTRY_DSN value in .env file. If you want to supports native crashes, link the sentry SDK to your native projects.

Run the following command to generate the Sentry configuration.

yarn sentry-wizard -i reactNative -p ios androidcd ios && pod install



  • cd ios && pod install

  • yarn ios


Open Chatwoot.xcworkspace file under ios folder. Choose your target device and click playbutton.


  • Create file with following contents under android/app folder
  • yarn android

Configure and run tests#

Add a new brew formula

brew tap wix/brew

Install simulators

brew install wix/applesimutils

Build application:

detox build --configuration ios

Run tests:

detox test --configuration ios --loglevel trace

Manage simulators:

/usr/bin/xcrun simctl list