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How to enable CSAT surveys?

Last updated on Apr 10, 2024

The CSAT(customer satisfaction) score generally represents how happy customers are with your product/service or a specific experience. It enables your customers to rate their satisfaction with your customer service on a numerical scale. Once you collect a significant number of scores, you can calculate your average score over specific periods of time.

As a Chatwoot member, this entire workflow shall be extremely easy for you. You can simply enable CSAT surveys for your inboxes. When an agent resolves the conversation, Chatwoot sends a survey to your customers for rating and feedback. It's calculated by asking a question, such as "Rate your conversation" There's a corresponding survey emoji scale. After submitting the rating, the customer can give more optional feedback.

You can later view your comprehensive CSAT report on your dashboard, which keeps updating in real-time.

This is how a CSAT survey looks in a website inbox:

This is how a CSAT survey looks in other inboxes:

How to enable CSAT surveys?

CSAT is disabled by default. You can enable CSAT surveys for any inbox to let Chatwoot collect feedback on your behalf.

To enable/disable CSAT, go to Settings → Inboxes. Then, click on the gear icon (settings button) corresponding to the particular inbox you want to enable CSAT for.

Find the setting that says “Enable CSAT”. Open the dropdown menu and select Enabled.

Click the Update button to save your inbox settings.

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