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Receive messages using callback URL

When a new message is created in the API channel, you will get a POST request to the Callback URL specified while creating the API channel. The payload would look like this.

Event type: message_created

"id": 0,
"content": "This is a incoming message from API Channel",
"created_at": "2020-08-30T15:43:04.000Z",
"message_type": "incoming",
"content_type": null,
"content_attributes": {},
"source_id": null,
"sender": {
"id": 0,
"name": "contact-name",
"avatar": "",
"type": "contact"
"inbox": {
"id": 0,
"name": "API Channel"
"conversation": {
"additional_attributes": null,
"channel": "Channel::Api",
"id": 0,
"inbox_id": 0,
"status": "open",
"agent_last_seen_at": 0,
"contact_last_seen_at": 0,
"timestamp": 0
"account": {
"id": 1,
"name": "API testing"
"event": "message_created"