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Wildcard URL support in website live-chat campaigns

Last updated on Apr 10, 2024

The website live-chat campaigns support wild card URL patterns. While building a URL pattern, consider the following behavior in mind.

In Chatwoot, every URL pattern should start with http:// or https://.

Running the campaign on the exact URL

If you add an exact URL like https://chatwoot.com/app, then the URLs with trailing slashes or the URL params or the hash params would not match. Some examples for exact match definitions are as follows.

  • https://chatwoot.com/app would match https://chatwoot.com/app/ or ``https://chatwoot.com/app?test_param=1`

  • https://chatwoot.com/app?test_param=test_value would not match https://chatwoot.com/app or https://chatwoot.com/app#test_hash_param

Running the campaign ignoring the URL parameters

To ignore the URL params or hash params, you can add a trailing slash in the URL. For eg: https://chatwoot.com/app/ would match all the following URLs.

  • https://chatwoot.com/app/

  • https://chatwoot.com/app

  • https://chatwoot.com/app/?test=1

  • https://chatwoot.com/app/#test

Running the campaign in all sub-directories

You can use the * character in the URL if you want to match all the sub-directories. For eg: https://chatwoot.com/* would match to the following URLs

  • https://chatwoot.com/

  • https://chatwoot.com/app

  • https://chatwoot.com/app/subdirectory

Running the campaign in all subdomains

To match the current domain and subdomains, you can use the pattern {*.}? in the URL. For eg: https://{*.}?chatwoot.com/ would match to the following URLs

  • https://chatwoot.com

  • https://app.chatwoot.com

  • https://www.chatwoot.com