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How to install live chat on a Webflow website?

Last updated on Apr 10, 2024

If your website is created with Webflow and you want to talk to your Webflow website visitors in real-time, you can add the Chatwoot live chat widget to your website. Follow the steps described below.

Step 1. Create a website inbox in Chatwoot

Please refer to this guide for detailed instructions on setting a website inbox in Chatwoot.

Step 2. Install the generated script in Webflow

Login to your Webflow account and select your website. Select Settings.

Go to Custom Code -> Footer Code. Paste the script in the "Footer Code". Save the changes.

Step 3. Publish the changes

Click on Publish -> Select the website -> Publish to selected domains.

Step 4. Verify

Visit your website and see if the widget appears on the website.