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As we are working remotely, it is essential to have clarity in communication to work effectively. To support this, we practice asynchronous communication among the team. Most communication happens via Github Issues or Pull requests and through the internal Discord channel & user Discord channel. Values Positive Communication: There are a lot of things broken at a startup. But many things are working well, too, if the startup is still staying afloat. So while we might have inhibitions, It is always preferable to communicate from the perspective of "half-full cup vs. half-empty cup." This leaves a space for presenting the half-empty cup (risky situation) narrations in their seriousness. So we suggest having a viewpoint where you look at things as something that could improve vs. looking at everything from the perspective that it's broken. Written communication Written communication is preferred over a call. Although there might be instances where multiple people need to be in the same room, having a written document would provide context and help effectively use time. To ensure that the discussions are documented somewhere, we prefer: - Asking questions in public channels instead of DMs. If another person has a similar problem, we don't need to repeat it. - Instead of jumping on a call, write the content down on Github/Notion. (e.g., All product-related questions/thoughts can be added to the contributing guide or product repository. All internal process questions can be on the public/private handbook.) Etiquette on Discord Being on Discord channels can be distracting. So here are some guidelines on how we can reduce distractions: - @all or @here mentions should be reserved for urgent or time-sensitive posts that require immediate attention by everyone in the channel. (e.g., Requesting the team for QA server availability, Changing a meeting invite URL just before a meeting, or soliciting urgent help for a service disruption where you're not sure who is immediately available) - Make use of threads when responding to a post. This allows us to keep information organized and less fragmented.

Last updated on Apr 17, 2023