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Frequently asked questions

This document is a place to search for frequently asked questions in the Chatwoot community about the processes, support and best practices.

How to get support?

The chatwoot team provides support over the following channels. Please choose the appropriate medium based on the type of your query and resolution expectations.

Business Enquiries: Questions related to the pricing and commercial partnerships.

Developer Support: Questions related to Self-hosting Chatwoot, Extending/Contributing to Chatwoot and leveraging Chatwoot APIs

Product Support: Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Support related to Chatwoot Cloud Version.

Channel TypeResponse ExpectationsQuery Types
Chat WigetReal-time responses based on online agent availability.
Email follow-ups in 2 Business Days
Business Enquiries
EmailResponses in 2 Business DaysBusiness Enquiries
GithubResponses in 2 Business DaysDeveloper Support, Product Support
DiscordCommunity Support Based on availability. Contributors support based on availabilityDeveloper Support, Product Support

Notes: The Chatwoot team tries to resolve queries in public forums. So please avoid DMing, the contributors unless sensitive information is involved.

  • Chatwoot team doesn't provide one-time installation services at the moment due to limited resources.
  • Chatwoot team doesn't provide bug fixes and support for older/modified versions of the software. Therefore, please ensure that you have the latest version of software running when reporting bugs.

How to promote Chatwoot Services?

We encourage the community to build and promote Chatwoot related services. You can use the following Channels for that.

  1. General (Github Discussions): Use the Channel to advertise Chatwoot related Hiring Posts and Opportunities.
  2. Show and tell - (GitHub Discussions): Use the Channel to showcase a Chatwoot related service / Custom Integrations that you have built. Examples include Chatwoot Hosting services, Services built on top of Chatwoot etc
  3. Discord Channels : Use appropriate discord Channels like #intro , #general.

Note: spamming channels with repetitive messages, Hijacking threads with unrelated promotional messages isn't allowed and will be handled according to the Code of Conduct.

How can I customise the Chatwoot Branding ?

In Community Edition of Chatwoot, you can customise the branding by modifying the source code. In Enterprise Edition of Chatwoot, Custom Branding is available as a premium feature as a part of the paid plans.