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Release Process

At Chatwoot, we follow a monthly release schedule. On 15th of every month, we will release a new version of the software. To release the version of the software, use the following guide.

Github release processโ€‹

We use git-flow as our branching strategy.

1. Pull the latest changesโ€‹

Pull latest develop branch and master branch in your local machine.

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout develop
git pull
git fetch --tags

2. Prepare releaseโ€‹

# find the appropriate version by looking into `config/app.yml`
git flow release start '1.12.0' # replace your version number

3. Bump the version number nowโ€‹

4. Start committing last-minute fixes in preparing your releaseโ€‹

5. Finish releaseโ€‹

git flow release finish '1.12.0' # replace your version number

# Leave default merge messages as it is
# prepare the tag message as 'v1.12.0' # replace your version number

6. Reverse merge masterโ€‹

Reverse merge master branch to develop branch.

git checkout develop
git merge master

7. Push changes to remoteโ€‹

Push master branch, develop branch and the tags.

# Push develop
git checkout develop
git push --no-verify

# Push master
git checkout master
git push --no-verify

# Push tags
git checkout develop
git push --tags --no-verify

8. Prepare release notesโ€‹

  • Compare the current version to the previous version using the tag compare feature in Github.
  • Create a new release on Github from existing tags and update release notes.
  • Ensure that the milestones exist for the subsequent 2 versions.
  • Close the current milestone and move issues to the next milestone.

Release note format:

- Describe the changes in the current release
- List the new languages that are added in the new release
- Gratitudes towards who have contributed to the project.

Release note example:

## Changelog

- Ability to detect contact location
- Ability to download Agent reports
- Search contacts using the phone number
- Set up dev environments with GitHub codespaces
- Ability to set Installation wide default language
- Improved alerts on agent/user typing
- Limit file types that can be attached
- Ability for external systems to authenticate users into Chatwoot using tokens
- Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

- New Languages
- Danish
- Korean
- Czech
- Turkish
- Finnish
- Indonesian

Thanks to @azyzio, @hiaselhans, @vishal-pandey, @troscoe, @timcowlishaw, @mike9011 for the contributions

Todos after Github releaseโ€‹

  • Create release notes in Changelog ( If you don't have access to the blog, please contact Pranav / Sojan.
  • Update the latest version in Chatwoot Hub. This is used to show a notification to users using self-hosted installation.
  • Create tasks in Product board to deploy the changes to our paid clients.