Heroku Chatwoot Production deployment guide

Deploying on Heroku

Deploy chatwoot on Heroku through the following steps

  1. Click on the one click deploy button and deploy your app.
  2. Go to the Resources tab in the Heroku app dashboard and ensure the worker dynos is turned on.
  3. Head over to settings tabs in Heroku app dashboard and click reveal config vars.
  4. Configure the environment variables for mailer and storage as per the documentation.
  5. Head over to yourapp.herokuapp.com and enjoy using Chatwoot.

Updating the deployment on Heroku

Whenever a new version is out for chatwoot, you update your Heroku deployment through following steps.

  1. In the deploy tab, choose Github as the deployment option.
  2. Connect chatwoot repo to the app.
  3. Head over to the manual deploy option, choose master branch and hit deploy.