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Chatwoot Community Guidelines

General Principles:

  1. Respect and Inclusivity: Everyone is welcome here. Treat all members with respect, regardless of their background, identity, or level of experience.
  2. Collaboration Over Conflict: Always approach discussions and feedback with a constructive attitude. We're all here to learn and grow together.
  3. No Spam or Self-Promotion: Unsolicited advertisements, promotions, or spammy links are not allowed. Share valuable content that benefits the community.

Discord-Specific Guidelines:

  1. Stay On Topic: Each channel has its purpose. Ensure your discussions are relevant to the channel topic.
  2. No NSFW Content: This is a professional community. Do not share or promote any NSFW content.
  3. Report Violations: If you see someone violating these guidelines, don't engage. Instead, report it to the moderators.
  4. Voice Channels: When in voice channels, avoid interrupting others and ensure your microphone is muted when not speaking.

GitHub-Specific Guidelines:

  1. Issue Reporting: Before reporting a bug or requesting a feature, search the issues to ensure it hasn't been addressed already.
  2. Pull Requests: Ensure your PRs are concise, have a clear title, and are linked to relevant issues. Follow the existing coding style.
  3. Code of Conduct: Adhere to the project's Code of Conduct. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of abuse will not be tolerated.
  4. Documentation: If your PR introduces a new feature, ensure that it's documented. If you spot outdated or missing documentation, consider updating it or raising an issue.

Consequences for Violating Guidelines:

  1. First Violation: For most violations, you will receive a warning from the moderators. However, for critical violations like spam, immediate bans will be enforced.
  2. Repeated Violations: Temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the violation.

Refer enforcement guidelines for more details.

Moderator and Admin Privileges

  1. Selection Process: Active contributors to the Chatwoot community, those who consistently offer valuable insights, help, and engagement, may be handpicked as moderators or granted specific privileges.
  2. Discretionary Decision: The appointment of moderators and the granting of additional privileges are at the sole discretion of the Chatwoot team.
  3. Admin Privileges: For compliance reasons, admin privileges in all Chatwoot communities are reserved exclusively for Chatwoot employees.