Contributing Guide

Thanks for taking interest in contributing to Chatwoot source code. Before submitting your contribution, please make sure to take a moment and read through the following guidelines:

Pull Request Guidelines

  • Assign the corresponding issue to you whenever you start working on it. This helps in resolving collision (mutliple people working on the same item)
  • Please raise the PR against master branch
  • It's OK to have multiple small commits as you work on the PR - We will squash the commits before merging.
  • If adding a new feature:

    • Add accompanying test case.
    • Provide a convincing reason to add this feature. Ideally, you should open a suggestion issue first and have it approved before working on it.
  • If fixing bug:

    • If you are resolving a special issue, add (fix #xxxx[,#xxxx]) (#xxxx is the issue id) in your PR title.
    • Provide a detailed description of the bug in the PR.
    • Add appropriate test coverage if applicable.